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th61U8X5ULDear Reader,

Welcome to our Olivet Baptist Church web-site. Let me tell you a little about our church, and then I want to share some things about myself and my philosophy of ministry. First, Olivet was established in 1910 as a mission of First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City. Since her beginning, Olivet has been a leader in the community and our state as a church committed to preaching the Word of God, winning the lost to Jesus, discipling new Christians, and providing ministries to meet the needs of those around her. Olivet is a caring church that reaches out in every way we can to touch lives with the love of Christ. As you browse through our various web-pages, I believe you will see that Olivet is a leader in going the second mile in ministry.

 At Olivet, we believe prayer is the most important thing we can do as a church. We know our power comes from God in answer to our prayers. The presence and power of God is the only hope of our church, and prayer is our major focus to claim that presence and power. That is why our Wednesday evening service is called Power Time; it is a time when prayer is the major emphasis. We also have an intercessory prayer ministry and a prayer chain ministry to keep all we do bathed in prayer.

 As the pastor of Olivet, my philosophy of ministry is rooted in servant leadership. I believe that as the Lord’s under-shepherd, I am to represent Him for who He really is, and the Bible makes it clear that Jesus Christ came to serve. I also believe a pastor is to be a role model of the things he preaches. I do not ask our people to do anything I am not willing to do myself. I believe a pastor wins the right to lead as he shows himself to be trustworthy to follow. Leadership is about character, integrity, and personal sacrifice. Without these. pastoral leadership is wood, hay, and stubble.

 I thank you for looking into Olivet Baptist Church. Feel free to call and let me answer any questions you might have. I would be glad to enroll you in my next Life Development class where you can learn all you want to know about our church history, organization, doctrine, and how to become a member. Come visit us at one of our services. I look forward to meeting you.

Your servant,
Dr. Steve Kern

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Pastor’s Column

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