Pastor’s Column


The revival services Sunday morning and evening were very special. Sunday morning Tom Elliff led us to evaluate our relationships with the Lord. He used Romans 8:14-16 and asked three questions: First, are you in an upward progression? Meaning, are you becoming more like Christ? Second, do you have an outward confession? Meaning, does your relationship with Jesus show by the way you live and how you share the gospel? Third, do you have an inward peace? In other words, do you have an inward knowing that all is well between you and the Lord? Sunday evening he spoke on forgiveness and used the parable of Jesus where He told Peter we are to forgive 70 times 7 or every time a person repents to us. One statement Tom made was how bitterness oftentimes causes health problems, as well as restricts the healing process. If we want God to forgive us, we must forgive others. We had four weeks of prayer before the revival, and the Lord answered by making each service very special.

We are headed into summer. Last Sunday was our last fellowship meal until next September. VBS is coming, as well as summer camps and the mission trip to Colorado. Betty Gresham will be starting her sewing classes for kids that will begin in June. As we enter summer, I want you to begin praying now about being a Whiz-Kid mentor next fall. I see it as the most effective way that we can impact a child’s life on a one-on-one basis, far more effectively than any other way. We will also need help with Champions for Christ next fall.

The state primaries for Oklahoma will be June 28. Be registered and ready to vote for solid Christians. I will try to give you information on who the best candidates are in the elections. Be in prayer for the party conventions this summer. I am praying Ted Cruz will be the Republican nominee. He has demonstrated that he is a born-again Christian. He is a constitutional conservative and has the proper understanding of the role in government in creating an environment for economic growth. That understanding is getting out of the way of free enterprise by cutting taxes, getting rid of regulations, and letting competition determine the cost of doing business.