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 This past weekend, Sally, myself, Nathan, Amie and our two grandsons went to Dallas. Our family there wanted to give me a 70th birthday party. It was a good time. Thank you church for giving me the opportunity to experience special times like these. It is good to maintain good family ties.

I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for the rest of my life. After hitting 70 years I feel like the Lord is going to write a new chapter in the history of my life and the future of Olivet. I have no idea what all that will be but I know it will be good. My main prayer is that we will begin to see more people coming to faith in Christ. Winning people to Jesus and discipling them is our major reason for existence. All our ministries are in place for these purposes. A great example is the Sew and Sew class and fashion show. God will use it to bring people to Him.

Next Sunday I have a special guest coming to share his testimony of how the Lord saved he and his wife and delivered him from alcoholism. He is a great example of the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Be is prayer for what God will be doing amongst us next Sunday.


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