Pastor’s Column


Last Sunday morning was a special service where we as a church family took the opportunity to honor one of our own.  Last week the LGBTQ community announced they were going to have a special dinner celebration to celebrate the term limiting of Sally Kern.  They are charging $35 a plate and will use the money they raise to advance their political agenda.  When our prayer group on Wednesday evening heard about this, they said lets do something to honor Sally.  So, we put a thank you on our church sign for her 12 years of service and then Sunday we gave her a bouquet of roses.  We also played her farewell speech for all to hear before I preached my message.  Only a snippet had been played on radio and TV and I wanted our people to hear her Christ honoring testimony in full.  The standing ovation she received at the end of the video we played was well deserved.  The people of Olivet were very proud of their pastor’s wife.

This week I have started a public response to the government’s attempts to force all states to allow trans genders to use the bathroom of their choice and Target stores who now allow that to take place in their stores.   Folks, we are on the road to anything goes and it is time for the church to stand for moral sanity.  I will start wearing signs in front of the Target stores in our city that say “MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM, GENESIS 1:27” on one side, and “UNLESS YOU REPENT, YOU WILL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH, LUKE 13:3” on the other side.  I plan to do this as a silent statement in prayer.  I can’t do everything but I can do this.

This coming Saturday is a work day.  We need lots of volunteers because there is plenty of work to be done.  I will have donuts here by 9 a.m. with coffee.

CLICK HERE to view Sally’s farewell speech