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FROM THE PASTOR’S  HEART…  October 5, 2017

The tent revival has come and gone for another year. Paul Sublett worked hard to make it all happen, just as he has in the past years. I want to say thanks to all those who had a part in making it happen. There were volunteers to put the tent up and take the tent down. Each of the preachers did a good job of presenting the gospel each night. And of course we want to thank all those who attended the services during the week. Though we did not have any public professions of faith, there were several who had their own personal encounters with the Lord. I am always amazed to see some of the people who come that I would not expect to see there. Each year has had its own special impact on individuals’ lives.

    Next Sunday evening at 6:30 Dan Fisher will bring his Black Robe Regiment presentation. It will help us to have right thinking about the founding of our nation. Dan does an acting presentation as a pastor living in that time and also includes video excerpts that help explain what actually happened at the beginning of the Revolution that is not being taught in our schools today. This is an important service we all need to attend, as well as invite members of other churches to attend. I think you will see why I believe Dan Fisher has the commitment to the kind of biblical principles needed for governing our state.
    We are having visitors in our church each week. Stuart Boyes needs volunteers to go out on Sunday evenings to visit these people and give them information about our church. If you are willing to be a part of visitation, let Stuart know.

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