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FROM THE PASTOR’S  HEART…  February 23, 2017

  It is that time of the year when we renew our subscription to the Messenger. We want every household to receive the Messenger so you are put on the list when you become a member of the church. We ask that you give a $20 offering to cover the cost of the annual subscription. This is not mandatory but if you can help with the cost by designating $20 to pay for your subscription it would help a great deal. The Messenger is our main source of communication with our members, although you can go to our web-site at and get information as well. When people ask you about our church tell them to look us up on line. There is a lot of information about our church they can learn from there.

   Our new phone and security system is now in place which means we have accomplished our first goal of our Next Generation Campaign. Our next objective is the roof over the gym and dining room building. We already have $15,000 in place toward that goal which means we only need another $50,000 to finish that needed project. The roof will cost approximately $65,000 but will be a metal roof with a life time warranty that will last beyond the next generation’s use of it. I continue to watch with pleasure how the Lord works to meet our needs and more as we seek to represent Him here in Oklahoma City. Remember to place your orders for the hats Betty Greshem is making to raise money for the campaign.




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