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  Last Sunday I finished the series on the 10 appearances of Jesus  after His resurrection that took place for a period of 40 days prior to  Pentecost Sunday, which was last Sunday. Steve Malinowski has been  videoing the messages and putting them on YouTube. You can go to the  church’s website,, and pull up the messages there  if you missed a Sunday or want to see any of them again. I really  enjoyed doing the preparation for these particular messages on the  appearances and the meaning of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day  of Pentecost. We have strong eyewitness accounts that justify our belief  in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and through the power of  the Holy Spirit we have His power to overcome fear, temptation of the  flesh, and to recognize false teachings and false religions that Satan  uses to try and lead us astray. I hope the messages have been a help to  you in strengthening your faith.
We now have examples of the kinds of hats Betty Gresham can put the  church logo on for you to purchase. I plan to buy at least three that are  different and can be worn with the kinds of clothes I have. The cost is $10 each; all of  the proceeds go toward reaching our goal of $150,000 for our Next Generation campaign. Think of it. For every 100 hats we sell, that is  another $1000 toward our goal. What is just as important is the  publicity value for our church. As we have hundreds of Olivet Baptist  hats being worn all around Oklahoma City, people will know Olivet is  alive and well.
I want to remind you about the upcoming bluegrass / gospel music benefit  concert Saturday, June 17, in the church auditorium at 6:30. The  doors will open at 6 pm. It is a free concert, but an offering will be  taken on behalf of our widows and orphans in Kenya. We need to finally  get the HIV clinic up and running so it can help support the kids we are  helping. There is going to be some really good music, and it will be a  lot of fun. Make plans now to come. Put it on your calendar, and invite  your friends and neighbors to come. It will be a good time. 



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